Do you want to plan a special evening? We can help! 

Chimichurri ATX offers group cooking and grilling classes for individuals, couples or groups. Our class includes the material, ingredients, set-up for an amazing atmosphere and clean-up. 

We offer classes of a wide variety of traditional Argentinian dishes including our signature entree, the Asado de Campo, and the best part is that after we cook it, you eat it accompanied with wine and dessert.

Other dishes that you can learn how to cook include Grilled Chiken, Chorizo Argentino, Vacio (Flap Meat), Costillas de Puerco (Baby Back Ribs), Empanadas Criollas, Asado de Tira (Short Ribs), Entraña (Out Side Skirt), Colita de Cuadril (Tri Tip Sirloin), Ojo de Bife (Prime Rib-Eye), Chivito (Suckiling Goat), Lechon (Suckling Pig), Rustic Potatoes, Capresse Salads or our famous desserts including Flan con Dulce de Leche, Clericó (Fruit Salad with Malbec Rose) or Pears with Malbec reduction. 

Our cooking technique is the most traditional method from Argentina. It is cooking in its purest form – just wood, fire, a cast iron grill and fine meats seasoned with herbs. Depending on the entree, we use an iron cross, a flat cast iron grill or our specialized grill oven. 

To inquire about our classes and this innovative experience, click HERE.

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